Design review software with remote video messaging.

Send and receive design feedback with video, screen share, audio or text. It's the video messaging tool made for remote work.

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Tyler King

“Other tools are only one-way. ZipMessage lets me have real async conversations where the other person can respond back on video.”

Tyler King, Founder, Less Annoying CRM

Design review software, explained.

What is design review software?

You already use popular design tools like Figma or other tools for the production-side of your projects. But which tool(s) do you use for team review, feedback, and shaping of your design projects?

This is where design review software comes into the mix. Most teams resort to tools like email or Zoom calls. But modern remote teams are moving to video messaging solutions to allow space to send and receive design feedback without disrupting your designer's flow.

In short, design review software should make it easy and friction-less to review designs and provide feedback in full-fidelity with video, screen sharing, images, and text—without the need to hop on yet another live video meeting.

Examples where design review software is used in remote work

When your projects are visual, basic text communication tools won't cut it. Here are some examples of remote work situations where reaching for a video-centric design review software solutions is better suited.

Present design drafts

When you're ready to present a design draft, it helps to walk through it on video by pointing out the important areas to focus feedback on. Design review software that facilitates screen recordings with camera video goes a long way to presenting your designs in the best light.

Review and give feedback

Design reviews shouldn't be one-direction. Send and receive feedback in a threaded, asynchronous meeting where each stakeholder can express their points of feedback with video, audio, text, images and attachments.

Bat ideas back-and-forth

The value of a well-run design review is in the constructive back-and-forth that happens when all parties come to the table. The software you rely on for this async communication should provide space to think and consider your response so that it moves the project forward without unnecessary bloat.

Refer back to specific points of feedback

There's nothing worse that design feedback that's missed and unaddressed in the next draft. The ability to refer back to specific points of feedback that were sent during the course of a design review is key. Your software needs to ensure these details aren't lost.

Design review software buyer's guide

Most stakeholders aren't using the Figmas or dev environments that the design team are using. So your design review tool will need to be used by a wide array of stakeholders, sometimes both internal and external folks. Here are a few key considerations when choosing design review software:

1. Does it work well with any design tools being used?

Think of your design review software like a layer that sites ontop of whichever design tools that are being used to create the work. Pulling out your tool for presenting and reviewing design work needs to be a seamless workflow that's easy to initiate and share with the team.

2. Can we record our review and feedback on video?

Video recording with the ability to share screens along with camera messages is an essential component in a design review process. The recording experience must be easy to use and look and sound great so that every detail is presented in the best light.

3. What about audio-only messages?

While the design project might be on video, some folks providing feedback would rather speak with an audio-only message. Your design review software should provide options for microphone-only or even text-only messages as well as video.

4. Can we exchange text and attachments too (like screenshots)?

When running a design review, exchanging file attachments like screenshot images or portfolio samples are an important part of the process. It also helps to be able to supplement visual feedback with written text feedback, bullet lists, and links.

5. Will stakeholders need to install any software in order to participate in the design review?

This is key. Design review software doesn't do the job if stakeholders have a hard time joining in to provide feedback. The ideal is to be able to send anyone a link where they can instantly hop in and respond without needing to download, install or sign up for new software.

ZipMessage for async design reviews

Record your screen, camera, or microphone

Rich video reviews with screen sharing, camera, and audio

Send high-fidelity video feedback with the option to share your screen, camera, or both at the same time, along with microphone audio.

Camera shy? Stakeholders can opt to record audio-only or just write text and upload screenshots.

1-on-1 or group feedback all on one page.

Share a ZipMessage link with one person or multiple stakeholders. All participants in the design review process can respond asynchronously, all on one page in a threaded conversational layout.

Meetings on ZipMessage can be open and viewable by anyone you share the link with. Or secure your review and make it private and invite-only.

Quickly search & find what was said in any piece of feedback.

Search the text of the transcripts of what each person said in a design review using ZipMessage.

Link directly to the exchange midway through a review for easy reference. No details missed!

Is someone's feedback running long? Speed it up! With ZipMessage you can playback videos at 2x speed without losing clarity.

Export merged MP4 or MP3 file

Stitch-together recordings to a single video

Need to save the entire design review exchange as a single video recording?

With ZipMessage, you can merge and stitch-together all of the recordings in an asynchronous meeting and export them to a single MP4 video file!

Jessica Malnik

“I use ZipMessage for biz dev and other messaging. I love the personalization features. Those tiny details go a long way!”

Jessica Malnik, Consultant

ZipMessage features designed for async collaboration.

Video messaging made simple. And conversational.

Conversation pages

Threaded replies, all on one shareable page.

Branded link URL
Embed on your website
Automatic transcriptions

Intake forms

Share your link or embed on your website
Reserve your branded link

Send us a messagezipmessage.com/bluthcompanyzipmessage.com/bluthcompany
Zapier integration
Slack integration
Webhooks & REST API

Face, voice, screen, text.

Record in the browser with full fidelity. Nothing to download or install.

Message templates
Export stitched recordings
Icons/photo Custom camera backgrounds

Public or private

Share with anyone, go public or keep it private.

PublicPrivateAnyone with the link can view.Only those I invite can access.
Text & attachments
Multi-speed playback
Followup reminders

Email composer

Compose video messages via email. Send from any email client.

Justin Jackson

“We switched to ZipMessage and I'm really glad we did. Posting videos back-and-forth is so helpful for clarifying a point.”

Justin Jackson, co-founder, Transistor.fm

Run your next design review using ZipMessage.

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