ZipMessage - Less Annoying CRM Integration

Integrate Less Annoying CRM with ZipMessage

Use the ZipMessage Less Annoying CRM integration to add respondents of your ZipMessage intakes and conversations to your contacts in Less Annoying CRM.

Less Annoying CRM - ZipMessage integration

A first-class integration between ZipMessage and Less Annoying CRM.

When you use our first-class Less Annoying CRM integration, you can make sure that when someone responds to your ZipMessage intake pages or conversations, they are added and tracked as contacts in Less Annoying CRM...

The ZipMessage - Less Annoying CRM integration enables:

Add any respondent from any conversation as a contact in Less Annoying CRM
Post a note on the contact in Less Annoying CRM every time they reply to a message in ZipMessage
Tyler King

“Other tools are only one-way. ZipMessage lets me have real async conversations where the other person can respond back on video.”

Tyler King, Founder, Less Annoying CRM

Make async conversations easy for everyone

All the features you need. Nothing you don't.

Conversation pages

Threaded replies, all on one shareable page.

Branded link URL
Embed on your website
Automatic transcriptions

Intake forms

Share your link or embed on your website
Reserve your branded link

Send us a messagezipmessage.com/bluthcompanyzipmessage.com/bluthcompany
Zapier integration
Slack integration
Webhooks & REST API

Face, voice, screen, text.

Record in the browser with full fidelity. Nothing to download or install.

Message templates
Export stitched recordings
Icons/photo Custom camera backgrounds

Public or private

Share with anyone, go public or keep it private.

PublicPrivateAnyone with the link can view.Only those I invite can access.
Text & attachments
Multi-speed playback
Followup reminders

Email composer

Compose video messages via email. Send from any email client.

Justin Jackson

“We switched to ZipMessage and I'm really glad we did. Posting videos back-and-forth is so helpful for clarifying a point.”

Justin Jackson, co-founder, Transistor.fm

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