ZipMessage Zapier Integration

Connect ZipMessage to Zapier (& thousands of other apps)

Use the ZipMessage Zapier integration to connect to thousands of popular apps.

Zapier ZipMessage integration

Connect ZipMessage to... Anything.

When you use our first-class 2-way Zapier integration, you can connect ZipMessage to thousands of popular apps and integrations available via Zapier's enormous network.

The ZipMessage Zapier integration enables:

Trigger a Zapier Zap when a new conversation is created in ZipMessage.
Trigger a Zapier Zap when a new message is posted to a conversation in ZipMessage.
Trigger a Zapier Zap when a new message is sent to you via any of your public intake pages.
Use a Zapier Zap to create a new conversation.
Use a Zapier Zap to assign people to a conversation.
Use a Zapier Zap to update a conversation's title, slug, tags, or other settings.
Use a Zapier Zap to create a new text message on a conversation.
Joe Casabona

“I just upgraded ZipMessage from Basic to Premium. It’s that good! I use it for communicating with my students and podcast listeners.”

Joe Casabona, Consultant & Teacher

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Made for the way remote work... works. Fast. Flexible. Integrated. Zero-friction.

Conversation pages

Threaded replies, all on one shareable page.

Intake pages

Where others can send you a message. Reserve your branded link

Send us a messagezipmessage.com/bluthcompanyzipmessage.com/bluthcompany

Face, voice, screen, text.

Record in the browser with full fidelity. Nothing to download or install.

Public or private

Share with anyone, go public or keep it private.

PublicPrivateAnyone with the link can view.Only those I invite can access.
Zapier integration
Slack integration
Embed on your website
Automatic transcriptions
Pre-recorded message templates
Text & attachments
Branded link URL
Multi-speed playback
Jason Resnick

“ZipMessage has become one of my favorite tools. My clients love it too. Instead of packing our calendars with Zoom calls we just press record. Absolute game changer.”

Jason Resnick, Founder of NurtureKit.co

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