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A Loom Alternative Made for Async Conversations

ZipMessage is the alternative to Loom that’s best for exchanging videos in back-and-forth async conversations. Zero friction for anyone to reply.

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3 great reasons to choose ZipMessage instead of Loom

1 Async Conversations

Loom is one-sided.

If you only want to send a quick one-off recording to someone, Loom works fine for that.

But if you want to go back-and-forth in a conversation, Loom wasn’t made for that.

Lots of separate Loom links flying around gets unmanageable fast—resulting in communication breakdowns.

ZipMessage is for conversations.

If you have back-and-forth conversations with your team or customers, but want to stay async (i.e. not resort to live Zoom calls!), then ZipMessage is the tool for that.

Full, high-fidelity back-and-forth conversations, threaded on a single page, with a single link to share with anyone.

Record screen, camera, mic, or text messages and keep the conversation together in one place with ZipMessage.

2 Replies

Replies aren't open on Loom.

Unless your customer or freelancer already has their own Loom account and has installed it, they can’t respond to your Loom videos.

There’s way too much friction in asking your customer to download and install a new tool just to be able to respond to you!

ZipMessage enables replies from anyone.

Replying to a ZipMessage is as simple as 2 clicks: Click to view the conversation, then click to record a response. Easy peasy!

Your customers don’t need to download or install anything in order to reply to your ZipMessage on video, audio, screen or text. They can even reply anonymously without registering, if they want! (you can allow this with a setting)

3 Intakes

Can’t accept intakes with Loom.

Need to take inbound messages from others? That’s not possible with Loom.

You’d have to ask each individual person to download, install, and sign up for their own Loom account in order to do so.

You’ll have to find a better alternative for inbound video messaging… Like ZipMessage ;)

Share your ZipMessage link(s) with anyone to accept inbound messages.

You get your own Intake Page link with your branded URL, like zipmessage.com/your-name.

That’s your link you can share with anyone to accept inbound messages. Anyone someone messages you there, it starts a new, private async conversation.

It’s great for accepting video job applications, audience responses, or an alternative to sharing your calendar booking link.

Tyler King

“Other tools are only one-way. ZipMessage lets me have real async conversations where the other person can respond back on video.”

Tyler King, Founder, Less Annoying CRM

Share a link.
Go async.

Say it. Show it. Type it.

Record your camera, screen, mic, add text and attachments.

Video recorder interface

Share the conversation link.

Anyone with the link can join your conversation. Nothing for them to download, install or sign up for.

Share conversation link

Keep your conversation on one page.

Back-and-forth, threaded all together on one page.

Async threaded conversation

Intake pages to accept inbound messages.

Your own branded URL where others can record messages for you.
Reserve your branded URL

Async conversation replies

Your remote team is async?Choose ZipMessage over Loom.

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