Loom vs. Zoom vs. ZipMessage: Which tool is best for you?

Wondering about the differences between Loom, Zoom, and ZipMessage? We’ll break it down for you.

by Kat Boogaard
Updated Sep 10, 2022

Loom. Zoom. ZipMessage. They might sound like gadgets from "The Jetsons," but they're actually incredibly useful communication tools.

  • Zoom is a video conferencing tool, used for live, synchronous meetings and conversations.
  • Loom is used for asynchronous presentations (like recording a video to send to someone). 

But what about ZipMessage? 

Well, it's the best of both worlds. 

You can swap video and audio messages in a back-and-forth async conversation without scheduling a live meeting. 

So, do you need them all? Or just one? How do you pick? 

We're breaking down all of the differences you need to know about Loom vs. Zoom vs. ZipMessage. 

Here's what we'll be covering:

  1. What are the use cases for Loom, Zoom, and ZipMessage?
    A rundown of the best use cases for each tool, along with an example of each of those scenarios.
  2. ZipMessage shines for async, back-and-forth conversations.
    Why ZipMessage works so well as a hassle-free communication tool.
  3. Loom vs. Zoom vs. ZipMessage: The nitty gritty
    We compare features, pricing, and all of the other juicy information you need to make an informed decision.
  4. What do other users say about Loom, Zoom, and ZipMessage?
    A collection of customer testimonials for each product.
  5. Frequently asked questions about Loom, Zoom, and ZipMessage
    Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What are the use cases for Loom, Zoom, and ZipMessage?

Think the best way to pick one is to throw a dart at a board? Not quite.

While all of these tools are focused on easier and more streamlined communication, they're surprisingly different from each other. And what to use, when – depends on the situation. 

Here's a rundown of the best use case for Loom, Zoom, and ZipMessage. Along with an example of each of those scenarios: 

    image name

Starting to see how each tool fills a different need? 

If you're still stuck on which tool is the best choice for your current situation, here's the first question to ask yourself: 

Do I absolutely need to have a live conversation in real time? If your answer is…

  • ✅ YES Use Zoom
  • ❌ NO Use Loom or ZipMessage

When it comes to choosing between Loom or ZipMessage, ask yourself this: 

Do I need someone to be able to easily reply to the message I share? If your answer is…

  • ✅ YES Use ZipMessage
  • ❌ NO Use Loom or ZipMessage

Wait…you can use ZipMessage in either of those cases? Yep. 

ZipMessage shines for async, back-and-forth conversations. 

There's no need to dig up that buried email or that random video message link—any video, audio, or text you send back and forth within a ZipMessage conversation is threaded on a single page with a single link to share with anyone. 

    image name

When you share the ZipMessage link, people can respond with the click of a button. No clunky downloads, painful installs, or account creation are required. 

Even though ZipMessage is all about back-and-forth conversations – rest assured that you can use it for any one-way communication too. Simply record a ZipMessage and share it. 

And if somebody ever does need to reply, they have the option to do so quickly and easily. That's not the case with Loom (recipients must create an account before they can reply to a video.) 

So, in short, you can skip a lot of potential hassles by just using ZipMessage from the get-go.

Loom vs. Zoom vs. ZipMessage: The nitty gritty

Now that you have the lay of the land and understand what situation each tool is best suited for, let's sink our teeth into these tools a little more by comparing features, pricing, and all of the other juicy information you need to make an informed decision.

What are the key features?

    image name

Out of the three different tools, you're likely getting the sense that Loom and ZipMessage have the most similarities. 

If you want to simplify that comparison even further, we've matched up the features of Loom and ZipMessage in this chart: 

image name

How much do they cost? 

Loom, Zoom, and ZipMessage all offer free accounts with limited users or features. 

To get full access to the tools' capabilities, their paid plans are affordable for solo professionals and teams alike.

If you're wondering what you can expect to spend, here's some pricing information about each tool. 

Please note that these prices are correct at the time of this writing, but like anything, are subject to change. We've also included links where you can get the most up-to-the minute pricing information. 

    image name

Where to get updated pricing information: 

What do other users say about Loom, Zoom, and ZipMessage?

It probably goes without saying that we have some pretty strong opinions on which communication tools deserve a spot at the top of your list.

But, you don't need to take our word for it. We've pulled together some reviews from third-party sites so you can hear about peoples' real experiences with Loom, Zoom, and ZipMessage.

Loom reviews

"I can get a recording started easily. Just by opening the app, I can select my video preferences and I'm recording in 3, 2, 1! My favorite option is to select a portion of the screen... it makes recording test runs and demos very easy and it's a clean video without a bunch of distractions." – Customer review on g2

"Once the application has been downloaded to your computer, it is easy to use. I would NOT recommend attempting to use the application unless the software is completely downloaded because it is extremely difficult to use that way. I have noticed my computer runs slightly slower. However, I do actively use screen recordings as a social media account manager so it is worth it." – Customer review on g2

TIP: You can get started with ZipMessage right away, without any clunky software downloads. 

Zoom reviews

"Zoom is a robust video meeting tool. I have been using it for my coaching business since 2017, and I couldn't do my work without it. Along with an easy way for my clients to share their screens with me, they can record our sessions to their own computer, meaning I no longer need to record and send them a copy. Also, I LOVE being able to annotate their screens when sharing. It has made a BIG difference in my ability to effectively walk my clients through various actions." – Customer review on g2

"The only thing that gets a little confusing at times is which meeting link we're supposed to be using. Since we use it so much, we lose track of what's what sometimes. But that's a fairly minor complaint compared to all the benefits that outweigh it!” – Customer review on g2

TIP: With ZipMessage, you can stay far away from jumbled links with a custom, branded URL. Plus, threaded conversations prevent confusion by keeping everything centralized. 

ZipMessage reviews

"Big fan of ZipMessage. I've been using it since late last year. The ability to thread conversations based on topics is excellent — tbh for me that is the main advantage over something like Loom (which I'd use for external product explanations or set stuff internally like processes that don't need discussions). It makes async conversations a lot simpler. Also the team have been shipping new stuff all the time and I'm excited to see where it goes." – Customer review on Product Hunt

"I absolutely loooove this product!! I've completely replaced Loom & long Slack messages with this." – Customer review on Product Hunt

Frequently asked questions about Loom, Zoom, and ZipMessage

We've covered a lot of ground. But, if you still have a few nagging uncertainties about these communication tools, we share answers to a few commonly-asked questions below.

FAQ’s for Loom

Can Loom record Zoom meetings?

Technically, yes. However, Zoom also has built-in recording functionality. So, you'll have an easier time recording your meeting directly in Zoom.

Where are Loom videos saved?

Your Loom videos are automatically saved to your video library within Loom. Within your library, you can create folders to organize your videos. You can also download videos to your computer, and they'll download locally as MP4s.

What's the maximum duration of a Loom video?

How long you can record on Loom depends on what plan you signed up for. If you're on the free plan, your videos need to be five minutes or less. If you're on the business or enterprise plans, you have unlimited recording length.

FAQ’s for Zoom

Can I see who is attending my meeting on Zoom?

If you're the host or co-host of the meeting, yes. Click the "participants" button at the bottom of the screen to open up a window that displays who has joined your meeting.

Are Zoom chats saved?

They can be. Meeting hosts can manually save in-meeting chats from a meeting or can configure their settings to automatically save all in-meeting chats moving forward. As a default, those chats will be saved in your computer's "documents" folder.

Can you record Zoom meetings?

Yes. The host can record a Zoom meeting by clicking the "record" button at the bottom of the screen. If somebody else wants to record and is not the host, they'll need to request permission from the host in order to do so.

FAQ’s ZipMessage

Can anyone reply to a ZipMessage?

Yes. And it's super easy. Anyone can reply by clicking a ZipMessage link. No need to register or download any software.

Can I post a Loom video in a ZipMessage conversation?

You bet. Loom videos can be linked, embedded, or uploaded within a ZipMessage conversation. It's a great option if you want to use Loom but still benefit from the conversational aspect of ZipMessage.

Can my Zoom recordings be uploaded to a ZipMessage conversation?

Zoom recordings can easily be uploaded to a ZipMessage conversation. It's helpful for any async chats you have post-meeting, especially if there are people who want to revisit the meeting recording to get the full context.

Can I communicate with groups using ZipMessage?

Absolutely. ZipMessage works great for both one-on-one async conversations as well as group async conversations.

The right message starts with the right tool

You've probably heard some variation of the old adage that "a worker is only as good as their tools." And fortunately, there are plenty of platforms focused on clear, efficient, and effective communication.

It's awesome to have options. But it can also make it extra challenging to figure out which solution is the best one for you. 

Use this as your guide to filter through your choices and find the tool(s) that help you save time, stress, and crossed wires.

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