Podcast recording software for asynchronous podcasting.

Record podcast interviews asynchronously with guests and co-hosts, without the need for constant live recording sessions.

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Justin Jackson

“We switched to ZipMessage and I'm really glad we did. Posting videos back-and-forth is so helpful for clarifying a point.”

Justin Jackson, co-founder, Transistor.fm

Podcast recording software, explained.

What is podcast recording software?

Podcast recording software comes in a variety of flavors, each best suited for different podcast formats.

Some podcast recording tools are suited for live recordings of synchronous conversations, which would later be edited for a podcast episode.

ZipMessage offers the unique ability to record segments of your podcasts asynchronously, which enables you to send and receive audio or video messages with your guests without needing to book live recording sessions. This can help you stay consistent with your publishing schedule while offering a unique Q&A format for your podcast.

Examples where asynchronous podcast recording software can be used

As podcasting formats continue to evolve, hosts are looking for new and innovative ways to record interview material with a high degree of production value. Here are some examples where asynchronous podcast recording can come into the mix:

Inbound listener questions

Async podcast recording software can enable listeners of your podcast to visit your website and submit their questions on video, audio or text via a video intake form. You can even publish their questions in your episodes! It's a great way to interact with your podcast audience.

Podcast pre-interviews

Before hopping on a live interview call, a pre-interview can go a long way to ensuring a high-quality, interesting and valuable conversation. Rather than booking additional calls for each episode, you can conduct the pre-interview asynchronously with your guest. That's a lot easier for both your guests and you, plus it can bring about more interesting ideas since async offers space to consider responses before sending.

Podcast interview recordings

Your podcast interviews themselves can be recorde3d partially or entirely asynchronously using an async podcast recording tool. Go back-and-forth with your guest in a threaded conversation on a single page. Just like an asynchronous meeting, you can record a podcast asynchronously too!

Rapid-fire Q&A recordings

Adding "rapid fire" questions to your podcast episodes can be a fun way to mix it up. But asking those questions live on a call puts your guest on the spot and doesn't always bring out their best answers. "Rapid fire" questions are best asked asynchronously to give your guests space to think about their answer, with the ability to send it back easily and succinctly.

Automated podcast recordings

Can a podcast interview be fully automated? Absolutely. Pre-record your questions in template messages, then line up an automated sequence for an asynchronous interview. This approach might not be for every type of podcast, but if you're seeking a streamlined and sustainable way to publish podcast content automatically, this is the way!

Podcast recording software buyer's guide

When your ready to start recording episodes for your podcast, you'll need to consider which tool(s) to use for capturing those recordings. Here's our quick guide to evaluating podcast recording software and some things to look for:

1. Can you take inbound listener questions?

The more interactivity with your podcast audience, the better. A great way to encourage feedback is to ask listeners to submit questions for you and your guests to answer on the show. Your podcast recording software should be able to accept inbound submissions from anyone who visits your website.

2. Can recordings be made on both audio and/or video?

Recording material for your podcast should obviously be done with high-quality audio. But video can be just as useful for a podcast. Many podcasts also publish to YouTube so capturing footage on both video and audio is idea. Your podcast recording tool should offer these recording options.

3. Can podcasts be recorded asynchronously?

When gathering quotes, answers to rapid-fire questions, or even entire interviews, recording asynchronously is a great way to streamline your recording process and help sustain a busy schedule while publishing consistently. It also adds an interesting way to pull out insightful answers when guests have space to think and prepare before responding.

4. Will guests need to install any software to be interviewed on your podcast?

This is key. Podcast recording software needs to have as little friction as possible for your guests. It should be as simple as sending them a link where they can join you for your recording. Even better is enabling your guests to record their responses asynchronously, directy into the browser without needing to install special software.

5. Can recordings be automatically transcribed?

These days, it's a must to offer written transcripts of your podcast episodes. Your recording software can (and should) offer automatic transcriptions to help streamline this part of the production process.

6. Can it stitch-together async recordings?

You'll need to export your recordings so that they can be edited for your podcast episodes. If you're recording your podcast asynchronously, it's helpful to be able to export all the recordings in the async exchange to a single recording to make it easy to publish or import to your podcast editing tool.

ZipMessage for async podcast recording

Record your screen, camera, or microphone

Easily record audio and/or video content.

You and your guests can record content for your podcast using their microphone, web cam, or screen record. It's easy to mix up different formats to re-purpose your podcast content elsewhere.

There is also the option to upload pre-recorded material or add text and attachments in each response in ZipMessage.

Host 1-on-1 or group interviews, threaded on one page.

Share a ZipMessage link with your guests, co-hosts, or even your wider audience. All participants can record and submit responses asynchronously, with each recording threaded in a conversational layout all on one page.

Recording sessions on ZipMessage can be open and viewable by anyone you share the link with. Or secure your sessions and make them private and invite only those who should have access.

Personalized URL intake pages

Personalized URLs with your name or podcast brand.

Announce your branded ZipMessage link on your podcast so that listeners can visit and submit their questions.

Personalize your ZipMessage link with your name or podcast name, like zipmessage.com/your-podcast.

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Embed listener feedback forms on your website.

With ZipMessage, you can embed video/audio intake forms directly on your own website. This is great for asking listeners to submit their questions or content for your podcast—all from your own website on your own domain.

ZipMessage embeds work on all major website platforms! Just copy and paste the embed code and you're good to go!

Automatically transcribe recordings

Every recording you make on ZipMessage can be automatically transcribed so that you can include the transcript with your published podcast.

That makes it easy to pull out quotes and clips to share with your wider podcast audience. Transcripts help your podcast get found in search engines, too.

Export merged MP4 or MP3 file

Export multiple recordings to a stitched-together file

Recorded multiple messages in an asynchronous exchange? With one click you can export those to a single, stitched-together video or audio file, ready for publishing or editing to your podcast.

James Sowers

“ZipMessage is great for powering our "Ask a Question" form where listeners can ask us anything or give feedback on video, audio or text.”

James Sowers, Co-host, Working Sessions Podcast

ZipMessage features designed for podcasting.

Video messaging made simple. And conversational.

Conversation pages

Threaded replies, all on one shareable page.

Branded link URL
Embed on your website
Automatic transcriptions

Intake forms

Share your link or embed on your website
Reserve your branded link

Send us a messagezipmessage.com/bluthcompanyzipmessage.com/bluthcompany
Zapier integration
Slack integration
Webhooks & REST API

Face, voice, screen, text.

Record in the browser with full fidelity. Nothing to download or install.

Message templates
Export stitched recordings
Icons/photo Custom camera backgrounds

Public or private

Share with anyone, go public or keep it private.

PublicPrivateAnyone with the link can view.Only those I invite can access.
Text & attachments
Multi-speed playback
Followup reminders

Email composer

Compose video messages via email. Send from any email client.

Joe Casabona

“I just upgraded ZipMessage from Basic to Premium. It’s that good! I use it for communicating with my students and podcast listeners.”

Joe Casabona, Consultant & Teacher

Record podcasts asynchronously using ZipMessage.

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