A Great Slack Alternative

A Slack Alternative For External Conversations

Yes, ZipMessage integrates with Slack. It’s also the perfect Slack alternative for async video conversations with people outside of your Slack Workspace.

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3 cases where ZipMessage makes a great alternative to Slack

1 External Conversations

Slack is only for internal teams.

Since Slack is built for closed, invite-only “Workspaces”, only your internal teams can participate in conversations.

But what about all those external folks your work with? Freelancers, consultants, clients, new hires, vendors… It wouldn’t make sense to invite them all into your Slack Workspace.

Even if you would invite outside people... Do they really want another workspace to join?

ZipMessage links can be shared with anyone.

You can share a ZipMessage link with anyone—teammates, freelancers, consultants, clients, new hires, vendors, whoever!

They don’t need to accept an invite or join a new tool. They can simply reply into your conversation. Easy and friction-less.

When you need to make a conversation private, of course you can do that too.

2 Video & Audio Messages

Slack was made for text chat.

Since the beginning, Slack has been built around text-based chat.

That’s fine for quick questions and #random channel banter. But it’s far from ideal for those deep-dive, high fidelity conversations.

Video conversations usually resort to live Zoom calls. But then there’s the Zoom-Fatigue problem.

ZipMessage is made for video, audio or text messages.

Replying to a ZipMessage is as simple as 2 clicks: Click to view the conversation, then click to record a response. Easy peasy!

Your customers don’t need to download or install anything in order to reply to your ZipMessage on video, audio, screen or text. They can even reply anonymously without registering, if they want! (you can allow this with a setting)

3 Intakes

Can’t accept inbound messages with Slack.

Need to take inbound messages from others? That’s not possible with Slack.

Slack is for internal use only with those people you send invitations to.

Anyone can message you at your ZipMessage Intake Page(s).

You get your own Intake Page link with your branded URL, like zipmessage.com/your-name.

That’s your link you can share with anyone to accept inbound messages. When someone messages you there, it starts a new, private async conversation.

It’s great for accepting video job applications, audience responses, or an alternative to sharing your calendar booking link.

Kendrick Shope

“I love use ZipMessage for communicating with my clients. It's so much easier to use than every other tool I’ve ever tried!”

Kendrick Shope, Consultant

Share a link.
Go async.

Say it. Show it. Type it.

Record your camera, screen, mic, add text and attachments.

Video recorder interface

Share the conversation link.

Anyone with the link can join your conversation. Nothing for them to download, install or sign up for.

Share conversation link

Keep your conversation on one page.

Back-and-forth, threaded all together on one page.

Async threaded conversation

Video intake forms so others can message you.

Personalized URLs & embeddable intake forms for your website.
Reserve your branded URL

Async conversation replies

Looking for a Slack Alternative?Try ZipMessage for External Conversations.

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