Async video conversations with customers & colleagues.

Share your ZipMessage link.
They record their video or screen.
Continue the conversation asynchronously.

Finally, video conversations designed to be inviting.

Shareable video URL

As simple as sharing your link.

Share your link to start a conversation. You control who's allowed to see and post messages.

Record your screen, camera, or microphone

Zero-friction recording.

Nothing to download or install. Customers or colleagues can record their messages in just a few clicks.

Back-and-forth. All on one page.

Everyone in a conversation can see the back-and-forth messages together on one page.

Video message templates (canned responses)

Re-useable Message Templates

Insert a re-useable message template into any conversation, or set one as a welcome prompt.

Slack ZipMessage integration

Slack integration

ZipMessage seamlessly integrates with Slack so that your conversations always stay in sync.

How is ZipMessage different?

A video messaging tool where anyone can respond on video.

Other tools are one-sided.

Most video recording tools only enable you to record and send a video to someone else.

But what if you need a response from someone? And what if that someone isn't set up to use the same video tool that you're using?

Real-world conversations aren't one-sided. Why should remote-world conversations be any different?

ZipMessage solves that.

How is ZipMessage different?

Nothing to download or install.
Back-and-forth messages on one page.
Custom brand your conversations.
Custom mailbox(s) to receive inbound messages.
Control who can message with you.
What can ZipMessage be used for?

Use it with your
customers & team.

Use it with your customers

Customer support
Client feedback
Product feedback
Coaching & consultations
Remote teaching
Reviews & testimonials
Sales messaging

Use it with your team

Team standups
Remote collaboration & feedback
Communicate with contractors
Employee 1-on-1’s
Pre-screening hiring interviews
Employee training
Podcast interviews

The easiest way to start an asynchronous conversation.