Video messaging with customers.
Zero friction.

The easiest way to ask someone to send you their screen or camera recording, then continue the conversation asynchronously.

Share your ZipMessage link with a customer to invite them to a conversation.
They record their response with just 2 clicks. Nothing to download or install.
Continue the conversation asynchronously. / yourname
Record a message
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Made for asynchronous conversations

Friction-less for your recipients to join you in an “async” video, screen, or text conversation.

Easy for your colleagues & customers.

Nothing to download, install or sign up for. They record their screen in 2 clicks.

Works with your current workflows

Drop ZipMessage links into a regular email or Slack.

Threaded conversations

You and multiple contributors can post camera, screen, or text messages to a single, threaded conversation.

Custom-branded experience

Your colleagues interact with your brand, your colors, in a seamless experience.

Export or embed videos

Embed vidoes in your site or elsewhere. Download and save videos for use later.

Control who can see what

Invite-only or viewable by anyone with the link. You’re in control of who can view and reply to a message.

ZipMessage works where you work.

Seamless integrations with all the tools you use in your every-day remote workflow.

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The easiest way to start an asynchronous conversation.


Asynchronous video messaging software

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