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Break “Zoom Fatigue” With The Async Alternative For Video Meetings

ZipMessage gives you high-fidelity video and screen sharing for meetings, except it's all asynchronous (i.e. not live). Goodbye “Zoom Fatigue”!

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4 ways ZipMessage breaks “Zoom Fatigue”

1 Async Conversations

Zoom requires live, in-person meetings.

“This Zoom meeting could have been an email.”, says remote employees everywhere.

But email isn’t the same as a face-to-face video meeting.

However, the fact remains, live, in-person, time consuming and inconvenient video meetings are a major energy drain for you and your team.

ZipMessage is asynchronous.

Asynchronous, a.k.a. “Async”, means you don’t need to be live and in-person at the same time. Go back-and-forth at whatever time works best for each person.

That’s what ZipMessage was made for.

It’s face-to-face video messaging software that lets you record your camera, screen, mic, or write text—except it’s all asynchronous!

2 Better Replies

Zoom meetings put people on the spot.

When you’re on a Zoom call, awkward silences are the worst.

You’re asked a question, and you blurt out the first thought that pops into your mind.

Is that really the best you have to offer, in the moment, on the spot? Maybe not...

ZipMessage provides space to think, then respond.

ZipMessage lets you receive and digest each message when the time is right for you.

Then take time to consider your response, record and edit it, then send.

Everyone can contribute the best they have to offer.

3 High Fidelity

Zoom calls are too long.

Most people prefer to keep their camera off during Zoom calls.

Why? Because they’re too long and draining to be on camera, let alone give your full attention.

Your conversations and outcomes suffer because of it.

Record your screen, camera, mic, or text with ZipMessage.

With ZipMessage, anyone can record their screen, their camera, speak on mic, or write text and upload attachments.

You get the high fidelity, face-to-face interaction of a live call, minus the “live” part.

ZipMessage is the async way to have incredibly high-quality video meetings.

4 Storage & Retrieval

Zoom conversations get lost.

What was said in that hour-long meeting last Tuesday? Nobody remembers.

Every Zoom call is like a black hole where your conversations go to get lost and forgotten.

Even if the call was recorded, who has time to scrub through hours of recordings just to find that one thing that was mentioned?

ZipMessage conversations are threaded on one page.

Your entire conversation, and everyone’s messages are threaded together on a single page.

It’s incredibly easy to find a specific reply, link to it, and share it with anyone else.

Plus every recording is automatically transcribed for easy scanning and searching.

Chris Lema

“I’ve deeply fallen in love with ZipMessage. When people have questions, I can deliver answers without booking a call.”

Chris Lema, VP of Product, Liquid Web

Share a link.
Go async.

Say it. Show it. Type it.

Record your camera, screen, mic, add text and attachments.

Video recorder interface

Share the conversation link.

Anyone with the link can join your conversation. Nothing for them to download, install or sign up for.

Share conversation link

Keep your conversation on one page.

Back-and-forth, threaded all together on one page.

Async threaded conversation

Intake pages to accept inbound messages.

Your own branded URL where others can record messages for you.
Reserve your branded URL

Async conversation replies

Tired of “Zoom Fatigue?” Go Async With ZipMessage

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